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A cool person is not one who has the latest gadgets or the hippest clothes – it’s a person who can control his emotions amongst the chaos. That is cool.

Fun Facts


Fun Facts 1.png

I eat watermelon seeds

Fun Facts 2.png

Painting my nails is meditation to me

Fun Facts 3.png

My kids come first, always. Funky stationery and books are my second love. Oops, wait, make that third (I forgot about my husband).

Fun Facts 4.png

I always have my hair done

Fun Facts 5.png

‘OR’ doesn’t exist in my dictionary, only ‘AND’ does. My life is always family AND business.

Fun Facts 6.png

In the last 5 years, I’ve spent my money more on my internal makeup rather than the external kind (No offence, Chanel. But I still love you).

Fun Facts 7.png

If I were a hashtag, I would definitely be #wanderlust. My travel stories can write their own book – last year, I visited over 12 countries and I plan on breaking that record this year!

Fun Facts 8.png

I collect a LOT of solitaires because hey, these things have return value. Unlike bags and shoes.

Fun Facts 9.png

Puneet and I have gone on a date every Wednesday for the past 11 years (so, if you catch us on a Wednesday, you know exactly what’s going on!)

Fun Facts 10.png

My list of gratitudes is at 45,000 and counting…

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