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Want to steer your own ship? This tool can help you get there.

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

A decade ago, I had a distant dream. I dreamt that I'm living a life where I can do whatever I like. I am the master of my life, the captain of my ship. But I had neither the maturity nor the vision of how to achieve my dream.

How does someone get to that place of complete independence and freedom without spoiling any relationship? Without feeling guilty? Without being apologetic?

So I started small. I joined my children's school's PTA, and for the first time in life I had the courage to tell my family - "I’m sorry, I won't be available as I am committed to this event or meeting." You see, finally being useful in my own small way increased my self esteem. It helped me gain back my confidence beyond materialistic boosts.

And then I started the Victory Log—

Writing down 3 things everyday to raise my self esteem, such as:

-Creating a menu for the month

-Training my staff

-Learning a new skill

-Helping at a NGO

-Travelling by myself

-Starting to earn my own money



Little by little I started to see great changes in my being; I felt stronger, and the more meaningful I made my day, the happier I felt. I want you to start your own Victory Log, and at the end of the day write down every triumph and accomplishment from small to big. This practice will stop you from seeking validation from others and instead get it from the only person who matters—yourself!

-Puja Puneet

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