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Do you ever feel like you live in a gilded cage? 
Then this is the book for you! #UTGC

Unlocking the Golden Cage

 It’s time to discover your wings and fly!
Follow my 7 step process to live the life you deserve.
Get your copy of #UTGC now

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Co-author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"I'm so proud that Puja is using her life's journey to so powerfully contribute back into the world, helping thousands of women achieve true happiness. I am certain that this book will masterfully guide you to successfully design a meaningful, fulfilling and happy life beyond your wildest dreams just as she has"


About the Book

  • Lays out a 7 step process for the married Indian woman who wants to break free from a merely comfortable life to live an extraordinary one

  • Identifies the patterns and mindsets that are holding you back

  • Offers tools and techniques to get clarity on what you want, the courage to go after it, and the consistency to make it happen

  • Packed with tips on how to harness the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration to maximise personal joy and fulfilment

  • Goes beyond just theory to give you actionable practices you can start doing right away

About the Author

When Puja Puneet found herself married at 18 years old, instead of at law college like she had planned, she thought her life’s path had been decided for her. But the burning desire for a more fulfilling existence lead her to study under the best in the self help industry. As she helped take control of her own life and happiness, she automatically started to help the the women around her do the same. Seeing the amazing results made her realize this was her calling, and she launched her centre Life By Design in 2011.

Through her seminars and coaching programs, Puja has dedicated her life to helping other women truly live a life by design. 


Puja is bubbly and effusive for all of life’s blessings, with a gyspy-like love for travel. She lives with her wonderful husband Puneet and two beautiful boys in Chennai, India.



Co-author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

"In this book, Puja outlines seven steps for the married Indian woman to create and live the life of her dreams. These are the same steps that Puja has taken and continues to live with. Her own extraordinary life is now serving as the best example of how well they work."


Founder and CEO of Success Gyan India

"Puja is one of the few speakers I have come across in the world who is the same both on stage and off stage. Puja is all heart and it is this quality that enables her to transform lives."


Former Solicitor General of India

"Puja true to her name, is a prayer answered, a blessing received. She wears her wisdom lightly on her dainty shoulders. She has devoted herself to the most noble cause of dispelling darkness with her sparkling light."