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Academy of Life Designers (ALD)

Together, we are stronger

I firmly believe in 2 things:

1. Women are the largest untapped natural resource on this planet

2. Your vibe attracts your tribe

That’s why I had the vision to create a group for women who are ready to harness their inner power, as well as the power of a supportive community, to supercharge their lives and take their happiness and productivity to the next level.

The Academy of Life Designers is a 6 month program during which you and a group of like-minded women will meet regularly with me both as a group and individually.

What we'll cover

We will dive into the Law of Attraction, so you learn the art of manifestation. With my techniques and practices, you’ll be able to attract all that you desire in life. Your power to manifest will only grow as you and your fellow ALD members swap tales of these miracles.

And to boost that manifesting power, we will go deep into the Law of Vibration. It’s the process of increasing your divine energy and attracting even more greatness into your life. Everything in the universe has a vibration frequency—it is this frequency that determines what you attract, and through the practices you learn at ALD, you’ll be buzzing at top speed!


About the Program

Have you always dreamed of being part of a tribe of encouraging, uplifting women, who share your passion for bettering themselves and their lives, and keep you accountable in your efforts? Then this is the program for you.

ALD with Puja Puneet of Life By Design

Program Duration: 6 months

Dates: June to November , 2019

Rs. X0,000

(not inclusive of taxes)



Group Workshops

  • Once a month workshops at a 5 star hotel - total 6 workshops

  • 10:00 am to 1:30 pm with a tea & snack break

book club.jpg

Book Club

You’ll receive 6 self-help/productivity books, selected carefully by me and to be discussed at our workshops.


Actionable tools

I will give you 6 tools with clear, in-depth instructions on how to use them to increase your vibrations and let go of the negative patterns that have been holding you back.



You will receive 6 videos of me talking about important concepts for improving your life and achieving your goals


One on One

  • Once a month, individual 30 minute sessions with me to track your progress and discuss any issues you’re facing, on the phone or face to face.

  • Total of 6 half-hour sessions



  • You’ll be added to a WhatsApp group in which my office team will hold you accountable for doing your “homework” (various exercises I’ll be giving you)

  • A wonderful and convenient way to receive your daily positive boost and stay reminded of the effort you must make to bring about the change you want to see.



At the end of the program, I’ll be proud to award you a certification of completion of the program and attainment of the title “Life Designer”!



  • Free admission to an exclusive, one-day seminar at Life by Design from 10 am to 5 pm

  • 50% discount off UTGCx - Unlocking the Golden Cage Experience


If you have questions about the program, call Rashmita at 78240 17776 or email us at


" Puja is a gift from God, bringing enlightenment, empowerment, love, and joy to everyone whose lives she touches "


Co-author of The Success Principles and the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

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