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Confessions of a Life Coach

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

How many of you saw the lovely pics of Egypt and thought to yourself, "Puja is living a really good life." Perfect pictures don't equal a perfect life; a scenario can never reveal the complete story. This year I launched my book in January & went around taking my business to the next level.

I did more work in the last three months than I have in the whole of 2018. The Universe was kind and the response I received was over-whelming. Over 500 women went through various courses that I offered & I was living my purpose.

At this point I knew I was supposed to feel on top of the world. But to be honest I felt low.

I am not good at hiding my feelings & eventually whoever met me started to notice my lack of enthusiasm. I realised nobody can cheer me up but myself. Me being the Queen of Gratitude refused to be dragged down as I felt I was being ungrateful despite my success. I always fill my own cup, but I am not afraid to reach out. I have a group of girl pals who are my support system. We meet every month to analyse and introspect our lives. They immediately understood my dilemma and asked me some very relevant questions, that helped me realise a few things.

1. I was taking life too seriously and stopped having fun.

2. I had taken on more people than I could help.

3. I was trying to impress people who matter to me in my life.

4. I was chasing a financial target that was burning me out.

5. I was draining myself & had to help myself before I could help others.

But the beauty of being human is once you become aware of the problem, the solution is quite simple.

•I travelled with my family & spent a lot of time with my babies.

•I did things that excite me - new experiences that I would have never tried before.

•I nurtured my relationship with my husband and requested him to pamper me a little more than


•I went on a girls trip to rejuvenate myself.

•I created a new business plan.

•I explored new friendships with people I admire.

•I wrote my gratitude.

•I took time to introspect and understand my priorities.

It took longer to understand I had hit rock bottom, but becoming aware of that, my ability to fix myself was pretty quick. That's the secret. Everyone has bad days, it's how fast you can come out of it that is important.

I am extremely grateful that my bubble burst because sometimes when u are constantly happy,

you forget to empathise with those who are going through a turbulent phase.

I realised happiness is not something you search for outside, it’s something you create.

This was a great reminder for me; To never take my emotional well-being for granted.

Just like how a doctor with all the medical knowledge will still fall sick but they will be able to cure themselves faster or take precautionary methods.

The same goes for a life coach.

Now I would love to hear from you; if you have ever felt low in your life & how you got out of it ? What steps did you take?


Recognise - accept - take action

-Puja Puneet

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1 Comment

Kaveri Choudhury
Kaveri Choudhury
May 01, 2022

I have just hit and now its my journey upwards, shall share with the world what i did if God gives me the chance Puja.

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