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Curate Your Own Path

I'm often asked for advice, but I say that I like to give my perspective. My perspective is my perspective because of the experiences I've had, my belief system, the people I'm surrounded by, etc.

All I wish for everyone is that they don't blindly follow anyone. You don't have to love any philosophy in its totality. Give yourself permission to take only the parts that speak to you.

I love all of the following:

  • Jack Canfield’s authenticity and real life examples 

  • Brian Tracy's goal-setting style 

  • The chanting tradition of the Hindu religion 

  • The Sunday sermon style of the Christians

  • The fact of reconnecting with yourself and your god a number of times in the day like the Muslims do 

  • Forgiveness as a theme in Jainism 

  • The lessons and stories in our epics 

  • The Pachamama alliance and their connection to nature

There is so much to learn in this world. Go after the teachings, not the teacher. Give yourself the permission to dislike or reject things that no longer serve you. 

Things I don't believe in:

  • Predictions 

  • Fear creating practices 

  • Another human being declaring himself as god 

  • People telling me how religion controls them 

  • The schooling system across the globe 

  • That anyone else should be making life decisions for you

Take as many opinions/ideas/feedback as you like, and do whatever your heart believes in. Even when you respect someone a lot, you can still reject their perspective because no one but you knows the whole truth of your life, of your situation. 

Give yourself the respect and trust that you will make the best decision for you, and you will notice that people will start to trust you.

This post is not for everyone. It is for the unique few who don't feel the need to belong, to fit in. Who don't need a definite path and are willing to create their own.

To the ones who are willing to appear wrong until time proves them right, who can't blindly do anything and need to know their Why. The ones who don't need the majority to make their decision. To the ones who are in touch with their soul and their guiding light: you are the people who inspire me to live the life of my dreams. 

This post is a way of saying thank you.

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