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How to Clean Up Your Aura to Attract Greatness into Your Life

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

When we choose to speak against people by gossiping, criticising, tearing people down, most of the time not even realising it because we mean no real harm, we are doing permanent damage to a power given to us.

That power is that every word that leaves our body has the ability to come true. It’s a kind of gift that God has bestowed upon us. But if we use it frivolously, the words, instead of catapulting into the universe, remain in our aura sphere, reducing our charm, grace, and glow.

That bad karma for these people becomes an attachment and they often go about mistrusting others, finding the world to be a dangerous place. I wish that as we clean India (swachh bharat), we also start to clean up our auras. The best way to check if you’re speaking at a negative frequency level is to check if that person was standing here, would you have the courage to say all this on her/his face?

I've often been accused of being too nice, too politically correct, and over-complimenting others. That's because the set standard is so low that a few of us start to look abnormal! For a long time I didn't trust myself and questioned my genuineness, fearing I look like a sycophant. So I tried to fit in…tried to participate but my gut would cringe like I knew I was doing wrong. 

Now, I just walk away. My house and office have a zero tolerance policy for disrespect and gossip. Now I have no interest in changing anyone who has lived in the joy of maligning others—very few magazines, newspapers and media houses would do well if they had to follow this philosophy.

I'm just more interested in finding my tribe: people who have issues with the criticism but have accepted it as a part of life; who feel they are betraying the person being spoken about; whose conscience doesn't allow them to ever hear it. People who just don't find bitching fun! And who understand that to respect oneself is to respect others. That it’s possible to have a great time without having to reduce someone else. That just to belong, you will not agree to someone else’s negative judgement or participate in critical banter.

For you, my friend, understand the power of the spoken word, and the years of hurt it can cause.

Today let’s stand tall by making a promise: to remain away from all of this, and to work hard at expanding and evolving ourselves so we can attract great health, wealth, and real trustworthy relationships into our lives.

If you’re ready to clean our society of its biggest plague, then I urge you to have the courage to comment below with an "I commit”. 

It's not easy but two and a half lakh people are committing suicide every year in India, the highest rate in the whole world…out of which the majority is not because of low marks or no job but because of the words that are being spoken about them that has done irrevocable damage to their soul.

Comment ”I commit” to choosing wisely the words we use on others. You never know whose life you will save!

P.S. - I didn't intend it make it so heavy but it's a topic so close to my heart that I guess it's ok.

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