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The Bullshit behind "Being Positive"

People ask me all the time how can I be so positive. Today I'm going to tell you the truth - I'M NOT!

Believe it or not, being positive is a disservice you do to yourself as you're then not willing to own how you are truly feeling. To me, the most important thing is to truly identify and accept how I'm feeling: irritated/sad/jealous/angry...because these feelings carry information. If you don't accept your feeling, how will you reach the lesson behind it?

Once you've identified how you are feeling

You now have a choice to give it meaning

You can give it an empowering meaning or a dis empowering meaning

When we say

"Why always me?"

"I am jinxed"

"I never get the promotion"

"No one really cares"

We are disempowering ourselves

The alternative is to say

"How can I get this promotion?"

"What can I do differently?"

"What is the lesson behind this incident?"

"Who can I ask for a different perspective before I conclude?"

I have extreme faith in this one thought:

"Whatever it is that I face today is for me to grow into the person I need to become to continue to live the life of my dreams."So no matter what happens it's ultimately going to serve me.

This helps me get back to being much stronger much faster

Therefore, no denying how I'm feeling

It only means that feeling is there for a reason

And it's upto me to discover and uncover and overcome

"Be positive, everything is going to be ok"is not always true because nothing changes untilyou change. Sometimes a negative sentence can be the biggest trigger for your success;to prove to others and yourself that you're not what they think...


1. IDENTIFY your feelings

2. ACCEPT them - give an EMPOWERING meaning to it

3. GROW because of the new awareness around it

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