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Oct, 2017


She aspires to revolutionise the notion of keeping fit mentally and her programme seeks to open people up to their full potential.

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VOGUE       Nov, 2013

"To me the spirit of the city is in its ability to absorb various cultures and stand its ground"

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Oct, 2013

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"I admire Jack Canfield for his authenticity and Mother Teresa for giving her heart"

Dec, 2011


"I just want to help people find out how they can fix their lives"

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Nov, 2011

This college dropout teaches you to live

This college drop out teaches you to live life.

I DIVA                        

A first-of-its-kind venture in the city, which aims at providing the perfect recipe to success, could well be all that you need to discover your life's purpose.

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Nov, 2011

Nov, 2011



This young lifestyle designer opens up on what it takes to make bold decisions in life

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Nov, 2011

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She's contagious. She's magnetic. We all need more of Puja Gupta.

Feb, 2013


In the city, as part of Life By Design a series of motivational talks organised by Puja Gupta, a life coach, Gray will be offering communication tips to individuals, communities and companies.

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Feb, 2013


John Gray's seminar brought to Chennai by Puja Gupta (Life By Design) and Success Gyan

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Dec, 2011

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Puja Gupta launched Life By Design, a life centre that seeks to help people find direction and fulfilment in life.

Nov, 2011

I have to be a good example for my stude

"I have to be a good example for my students"


Need that big push to help you chase your dreams? Puja Gupta, lifestyle coach of Life by Design, claims that her course will help you do just that.

Nov, 2011

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Nov, 2011


Teenage can be taxing - school, peer pressure, image, stress and what not. Need advice on how to handle an issue that's bothering you? Ask Puja Gupta.

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Aug, 2011

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INBOX 1306              

"I want people to learn from me, and go on and teach others, which could work like a domino effect"

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