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Have the Courage to Be Better

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Every time I pass a comment about someone I imagine a big boil growing on my body.

Gross! But very effective in stopping myself from continuing. In a culture, that has gotten so comfortable in tearing people down, we need a new breed. We need new ethics; we need courage.

Courage to be able to say,

"I am not sure what the truth is."

"I am sorry I am not willing to participate in a negative conversation."

"I can’t say for sure."

"I choose to not comment."

"I have nothing to add." Or just Learning to walk away

I can’t like everyone and I can’t be liked by everyone. But I’m not willing to participate in putting them down so that I feel better or superior. Whenever I see people behaving rude or unkind, it invokes the same feelings that I despise, towards them. At that point, I become like them by default. But if I can choose compassion instead, I know I’ve won my inner battle of remaining who I am. People who are hurt inside, hurt others around them. Their experience carries pain that they need to release. They need to be loved, and if it’s in my capacity I’ll give it. If I’m not fully evolved enough to love, I can choose to be neutral.

How do you love?

By having the courage to speak the truth to the person who you believe is doing wrong.

Maybe the person will not have the maturity to process the truth, but at least you tried. Then have the courage to remove yourself from the situation.

What you must not do is to tell everyone except that person about their wrongdoings. That only spreads negativity/malice/gossip and becomes character assassination. Trust is a quality without which, humanity is failing. Let’s surround ourselves with people we can trust but if you truly want to build that community, you have to become a trustworthy person yourself first.

- Puja Puneet

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