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Most of us do it but no one talks about it

Ever get scared of your own thoughts?

Like someone close to you died in your dream,

Or suddenly you’re just standing looking at a beautiful view and a creepy scary thought gives you shiver down your spine.

A few basic things to understand here:

1) It's impossible to control your thoughts - we have close to 60000 thoughts per day so it's not your fault.

2) You are not your thoughts.

You are not your mind, you are not even your intellect.

If I take all of these away you will still exist. You are only that pure consciousness (soul).

3) There may be a reason or may not be a reason to why this thought came to you.

4) The more fear we have around it the more it will be able to grip us.

I have my own take on handling such thoughts. It's completely made up by me so I can handle myself better…

The very first decision to be made here is: are you going to let fear and panic takeover? Or are you going to decide to get some better meaning out of this thought?

I believe the easiest way to get anyone's attention is to give them a uncomfortable thought.

So to me, it's the universe’s way of getting my attention!

Secondly, it's time to ask an empowering question:

If this fear had to improve my life in anyway then what can I do for that to happen?

3 years ago every time I meditated I would imagine the death of someone I dearly love by hanging from a noose.

I dealt with this by imagining myself taking him down, waking him up with a hug a kiss and loads of love to give a beautiful ending to my ugly imagination without panicking.

And in real life I started to spend a lot of time with this person giving him a lot more love, care, and quality time, and over time the thought left me.

I see people get so hyper,

They almost start to believe it's a prediction.

In life the universe will always try to match your expectation, good bad or ugly.

It's important to train your brain to only expect good!

The most important thing is to not give the thought negative energy.

Instead, let it pass or do anything that settles you.

Most of these thoughts are never literal for if you study dreams and thoughts you will realise death normally stands for a new beginning.

A broken relationship is more like guilt showing up - needs attention.

You dying or wishing to die in your thoughts means you’re ready to handle the change.

It’s metaphors like that rather than literal interpretation.

Always give yourself an empowering end and remember we are stronger than our worst thought so you will always win if you play it right!

Dedicated to crazy people like me who off and on have some weird thought / dream ..... as if we have don't have enough to handle in the real world…that now we have handle all this too!

Wish we could control our thoughts but that would be asking for too much. But I'm sure over time when the thought doesn't get the attention it needs, the silly tantrums will reduce…

Remember you're a warrior and in the game of your mind

You will always have the power to judge who wins

Make yourself WIN !!!!

Have an awesome day overcoming not running away !!!!!

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Thamk u Puja. That is a wonderful read. Will try n work arond it.

Mi piace
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