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Who's Controlling You?

For thousands of years we've been controlled by kings, religion, caste, astrology, numerology, politicians, and by other countries or invaders.

Today, as a society we are very fortunate that we can make our own decisions; that gender bias is reducing and opportunities are for everyone.

But somewhere we have started to believe more in destiny than the CHOICES we've MADE that got us here.

It's so easy to put the blame on events, on circumstances, on the negative people. But so difficult to have the courage to own the power that we shape our own lives.

That events in our life are just challenges set by universe to see us grow or fall. And we accept that as destiny, and live under one person or event for the rest of our life complaining and blaming — living behind an excuse, “if only…”

We do this not knowing that overcoming any tragedy in life gives us our life's best moments of strength and pride.

In the world now are two categories of people:

One who believes in things out of fear of upsetting the gods, gurujis, and pandits, that if they don't do poojas etc., bad luck and unfortunate circumstances will show up, they will be cursed and they don't have much control—it’s all predestined.

And one that simply believes in themselves and their own direct faith in god.

Knowing that up to 20% I'm willing to indulge in external factors, and yes, everything is energy and yes there is a science of energy in vaastu/gem stones/chanting, but not to the extent that all wrong or all right in my life is because of that one reason.

Most people need external validation to give meaning to the why of life and these people will always be controlled by some person or the other.

However 1% of this world will always have the COURAGE in themselves,

CLARITY around what they truly want to become, and the CONSISTENCY to live the life of their dreams.

This post is dedicated to the ones who would rather make their own mistakes and be responsible for their life than have someone tell them the right way to be. Because their right is accordance to their values and our right will always be unique to us cause there are no real rights and wrongs. There are only choices and consequences but that's a separate debate for another day!

"Own your power bestowed by the creator and you will start to own your life"

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