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Goals -- Do We Share, or Do We Stay Quiet?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Did you ever struggle with the decision “Should I tell or not tell?”

For a long time in my field there has been a debate: should you tell your goals and desires to others or not? Most people will say no because of nazar/evil eye/superstition. 🔮

They’d say that by telling others, you will attract lots more attract jealousy and envy, so for what reason do you want to share?!

Others, on the other hand, will say you must share, because only then it goes out into the universe and you never know who will end up helping you, as no one became successful on their own…Law of Attraction, etc.

Imagine your goal as a ball of energy:


Accumulating momentum and getting stronger whenever the response of others is positive,


And losing energy and gaining doubt and fear whenever the response is negative.


Therefore I would suggest BE SELECTIVE!

By sharing with people you trust, you increase your chances, for we all need people who believe in us, empower us, inspire us. But if you see someone going down the path of creating doubt and fear in you, change the topic. It's your obligation to protect your goals and desires from people who like to give free advice because they always know what might go wrong and think it's their duty to inform you. ⛅⛅⛅

It could come from the best of intentions, yet they know only who you were and judge you from that, giving you their perspective. But true perspective always considers who you are capable of becoming, for every goal asks you to stretch into a new you that most people don't even know is there inside.

One exception - sometimes just to have fun, I'll share my goal with someone who I know will not empower me 👹 and then use their words as fuel to prove to them and myself that I could do it!🔆🔆🔆

We call this negative triggers and for some people it's absolutely necessary to feel challenged to make them do anything. 🙈🙉🙊

Dedicated to the big visionaries! 😎😎 Even if you want to, you can't hide your brilliance 😇😇 To all my clients and friends who are on this journey with me of a dream so big that even we laugh at how amazing life will be when it does come true. 🎉🎉🎉

I'm here to support you every step of the way! Cheers! 🎁🎁

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1 Comment

Shashidhar Bairapu
Shashidhar Bairapu
Dec 13, 2018

Agreed. We need to be selective with people as well as with the type of goal as well.

Advice is purely from where they stand and see in their frame.

I just wanna add to keep review on the people you are selective of. Because, the one cheering you may change the stand and vice versa.

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