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Why Success Doesn’t Come Naturally

Have you ever met a person and thought:

“Wow, she is so well kept.”

“Wow, he has so much knowledge!”

“Wow, what discipline around health, what willpower!”

And then we start telling ourselves that he/she is so naturally gifted, “If only I had that in me…”

Let's break a myth here: there is nothing natural about anyone you admire.

Years of making the right choices day in and day out have made them who they are. When they started to create that particular quality in themselves, it was as hard for them as it is for you now.

But perhaps they have forgotten, because they’ve not consciously tracked what they did differently, and now they too believe it comes effortlessly to them.

Well, my job is to track the journey behind the success! To speak to people and find out what it takes to accelerate success and ensure accomplishment of goals. And as I delve deeper, I realise achievement of success makes you forget your struggle.

Very few people remain connected to their pain after celebrating milestones in their path. When I started to coach new life coaches, I could see the admiration for how natural this work comes to me.

I noticed that people tend to forget the several years of hard work, dedication, travel, reading a book a day, and the number of dollars I have spent to get here.

There’s nothing natural about it! Or rather, over time, everything can look natural. As a wise man said, the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Similarly, I started yoga much later than the rest of my family, hoping in 3 years I’d look like a natural :) My first class I could clearly see how much more flexible my hubby and mom in law were—but I was aware they were not naturally flexible, they’ve been disciplined for years.

Dedicated to the people I admire for I understand your struggle and the hard work that goes into becoming you. You didn't get lucky; you attracted it every single day by being you!

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Sashwata Roy
Sashwata Roy
Jan 02, 2019

So aptly put!


Shashidhar Bairapu
Shashidhar Bairapu
Dec 20, 2018

Practice and persistence leads to perfection

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