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The Missing Piece of the Goal-Achieving Puzzle

And while we speak of courage and persistence, clarity and vision, there is a divine delay in life from the time we decide we want life to be a certain way to the time it takes to become that.

And the PATIENCE we need between this time gap is, to me, one of the biggest reasons dreamers don't reach their destination.

Because you will always reach a point where you’ve done all you could… And now you’ve got to wait. That waiting is a verb, an action by itself that very few people understand. Especially if you’re a checklist person who needs to DO rather than BE to reach their goals.

This is dedicated to all the people who are busy pursuing their dreams, and know that baby steps taken consistently are interpreted as giant leaps over time by others.

And a lot of people will congratulate you on your courage, strength, success and ideas, while very few know what it takes to hang in there without doubting yourself, without fixing what is not broken.

To the ones who understand many can achieve 90% but it takes double the energy and grit to truly make it to the finishing line. To the ones who are in their last stage of finishing anything:

Welcome to the hardest part!

It may not be visible but you’re right there…especially if self doubt and fear of judgement are starting to show up, then know you’re really close to your destination. Congrats on going where most people can’t…the last lap!

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