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My Take on Karva Chauth

Happy Karvachauth!

My version of why I observe it:

I don't need you. 

I want you!

You don't complete my sense of self, but you do complement my sense of self.

I don't fast for your long life because I fear where will I go if you go; I fast for your long life because I like me most when I'm with you.

No, I won't let you fast because I don't want you to steal my sacrifice or try being equal. I prefer me fasting and getting all the attention from you! Find another day to get pampered by me ;)

I touch your feet not because you are superior, but because every once in a while I remind my ego to honour the divinity in you. (Smart women know feeding their man’s ego will never go unpaid…make him feel like Superman and he will become your Superman!) 

I don't stay hungry so that you have a long life; I’d rather stay hungry so that as long as you are alive, you may be healthy, wealthy, and happy. 

I dress up not to attract you, but to remind myself how attractive I am to you when I see your eyes brighten seeing me all dolled up.

I hope I never pray for your long life because I am used to your money or the lifestyle. I hope I always pray for your long life because the memories and experiences you've given me can't be repeated without you. 

KC may have meant “A woman has no life without her man”, but today I celebrate the life our men live because of the women we are.

And yes, I still do wish that I go first, for I believe heaven for you will only exist where I am…

This is a tribute to all those fasting.

Yours truly, 


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