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The Most Underused Verb According to Me

HEAL is one of the most underused verbs of the English language according to me…

When I hear “I get angry! Angry at my spouse/children/staff. Puja, can you teach me how to control my anger?” I see a hurt that needs love.

When I hear “I get jealous of other people and their success stories”, I see insecurity that needs comforting.

If it’s “I’m sad/upset/depressed” about a particular circumstance, I see a soul demanding attention.

When I hear someone being negative, complaining, blaming, I see a person waiting to be helped.

When I see terrorism, evil war, or torture, I see a wound so deep that’s gone septic, one that needs special care. 

When someone does wrong, do we punish them or love them? The most important question you can ask is “What can I do to help him/her/them HEAL?”

In my work I meet someone every other day with a story that is so unfair, so unjust…forget just understanding, sometimes I can’t even imagine what they must have gone through. How are they alive? How does life go on?

And yet what I know for sure is if I just keep my heart open, and love them with no conditions, over time everyone starts to heal. No matter what the story, slowly but steadily you love people long enough, and their vessel starts to fill. And they start to see the other side of life where hope and faith still exist.

Next time you meet someone who seems annoying, irritating, or different from you; someone not your type but angry or dishonest, take a moment and:

Open your heart. 

Smile at them.

Send them love.

And collect a golden karmic coin in your universal balance sheet. Over time, you will notice the universe will start to tilt in your favour.

In my phone I have a quote that says “Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen everyday.“ Whenever I meet someone where I myself don’t believe I can help, I read this.

Do you know who that angel was for you? Who loved you at a point when you could barely love yourself? Take a moment and send them gratitude.

You know that one person right now that god has put in your life to teach you to open your heart…someone who you normally see and feel like everything shuts down. Your smile disappears and their presence shrinks your aura.

You’ve identified them - now send them “healing“. Close your eyes and speak to their higher self with love, compassion, and understanding. Do this every day for 7 days. Just allow your higher self (soul) to love their higher self (soul).

And you will start to attract an abundance of love, joy, and luck. Because all the while you thought they were the negative energy, it was actually who you become when you think about them or are around them. Change yourself and watch them lose all of their power over you.

From today, commit to never being less of who you are because of someone else choosing to be less than who they ought to be.

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James Brown
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