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STOP Trying to Find Your Passion

If you truly are seeking your purpose, know that it's not something you find, but something you grow into.

I feel too many of us approach finding our passion by imagining that it's a diamond; that if we look for it long enough, somehow we will discover within us a diamond that will make us precious and unique from day one.

For me, passion is like a seed. If we give it the right environment, it will sprout. Too many people are looking at their seeds and throwing them away thinking they’re not valuable because it's supposed to be a diamond. Well, there are child prodigies that are born like a diamond, but the majority of us are not child geniuses.


Here, seeds = our talent. When we recognise our talent and start to work to improve it, it will start to grow. It is of no value at this point, but slowly as we build upon it, our talent starts to grow. Very few people around us know about our hidden talents because they’re not visible to the naked eye - the tree that lies inside the seed.

There are two kinds of people who will arise on this journey:

Water/sunlight - positive and encouraging

Wind/pests - negative and critical

Level 2 - IMPROVE

Slowly it starts to take root, and a small stem emerges. And people are surprised! Some pleasantly so, as they had no idea. Others always knew someday you would do it. And some will criticise, because they don't like change.

So they will give too much advice on why today this talent is irrelevant/overdone/etc. Because you’re not too great yet, that feedback becomes hard to handle. Most people quit the seed here and go looking for the diamond.


As you move forward just by sheer determination and hard work, the universe starts to send the right teachers. You’ll start to get busy, and here too others will have a problem.

They can't see the amazing amount of time that you are putting into practicing, or how good you are becoming, but they can see everything that you are not doing, like ignoring health/family/functions.

This is the time to protect the seed from the pests. The hard skin of the seed is our own mind, which doesn’t think we can do this and keeps creating doubt and fear. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self confident, while the real one is scared to death.

Level 4 - Becoming an EXPERT

As you go along, leaves and branches start to grow. You are feeling stronger now, the shyness is leaving you. You stop struggling and the process starts to get enjoyable. You are starting to see that thin ray of light that you’re better at something than most around you.

You think you are a flower so you go to other flowers trying to join their tribe. But currently you’re more like a bumble bee; you’re attracted to them, but not attractive enough for them.