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Why I Don't Believe in Motivation

Motivation is not my favourite word in the dictionary. Why? Because I don't believe in it. I know, it sounds so contradictory to my work!

In my life, I don't do things I don't enjoy. If I do land up doing things I don't enjoy, I treat them as the price I have to pay for continuing to do things that I really do enjoy.

And then I enjoy even that which I thought I was not going to enjoy 🙊

And when most of the time you’re doing things that you enjoy, you don't need motivation because you’re already excited, already obsessive!

For example, Puneet hates early morning flights but loves golf, which also requires an early wake up time. So when he complains about getting up early to go to the airport, I know that's not true.

It’s the same way how I can only attend that many parties a week before I start to get grumpy, but send me for a week-long seminar and I'll be super enthusiastic until the last day.

So instead of looking for motivation, look for what makes you thrive, what makes you come alive. A topic that you can discuss at 2.00am with as much enthusiasm as you would during the day: that's your calling. It’s the feeling of your soul waking up; you feel happy for no particular reason.

Motivation is for people who don't have the COURAGE to live the life of their dreams, so they go for what society deems safe to do.

“Get a job and be happy you at least have one, versus the ones who don’t.” You know those “Join your father” or “This is where the money is today” kind of conversations, that are driven by practicality rather than passion.

Motivation is for those who are willing to trade their life to make a living, rather than make a life worth living.

So next time you meet someone who’s looking to be motivated, ask them what they do and notice their body language. Pay more attention to their tone rather than what they are saying, for excitement cannot be contained.

If you see the enthusiasm just connect their what to also why they do it, and the enthusiasm will grow bolder. But if you hear someone talk about what they do with weak energy, predict their future. Let them know no matter what motivation you give, it will last 2 days max.

When people say motivation does not last, they are 100% right. Be self inspired. If you’re looking to be motivated, change your destination to one that excites you.

Every time I catch myself eating poorly, I know I've lost sight of the destination that excites me, the one of how I will look, feel and be when I'm that certain weight. Every morning I need to reconnect to that visual, because looks may not be important enough to me but energy is.

And please, no one can motivate me long enough to make me lose weight. The only people who ever touch their weight targets are the ones who can self inspire themselves into better choices. Yes, inspiring people and an inspiring environment can help and support you, but they will definitely not drag you to your goal.

I wish it was that easy that others could make you do it. Being a life coach I charge people to take them to their goals. And yet I say “No one can make you.” And let me be very honest: I get paid to tell some of these people that you cannot reach this goal with this attitude. It's not impossible but as of today, it's impossible for you. We need to change your inner game to change the results!

My job is to connect people to their why…if you call that motivation, then I motivate :)

So if you are reading up, or asking people to help you, and no matter what you’re just not able to do it—the problem is you! You need a different visual, one that you don't have to push yourself towards, but the one that will pull you.

The one that gets you so excited that you forget a word like motivation exists. Rather you watch TV to give your brain a break from thinking about that which is exciting you so much!

The irony is, the only people who will get this post are the ones who don't need motivation!

Have you always has a visual that’s pulled you towards it? Or have you just realised that your approach to motivation is all wrong? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, or email me!

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Shobita Raghu
Shobita Raghu

That's so true Puja ... When we really find our passion the one that excites us so much that it simply keeps us on track everyday ... like you said I also feel like taking a break just to get out of my continues chain of thoughts towards my next steps.. I sometime take a break and watch some entertainment show in TV ..I cant get over my aspiration to become a Life Coach ... This thrist has kept me awake at 1.30 now and I am reading your blog .. I wanted to read your blogs from a long time and finally I am so happy to have taken the action... I can connect to each word written her…

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