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Why You Should STOP Helping the People You Love

This post is to tell you to stop helping the people you love. 7 years ago, no one helped me—and that was the biggest gift I could have gotten!

I had no money, no know-how, no education, no confidence, no experience. To be honest, I didn't even know how to properly cut, copy & paste, much less how to run a successful business!

So I started to look for help, thinking someone will come in and do it all for me. I found myself depending on friends and family, and the result was frustrating. Someone would start to help but then their priorities would change.

Eventually I realised my expectations were just too high. Fed up of waiting, I started to learn. Instead of help, I started to look for guidance. I surrounded myself with mentors, and knew which one to call for what type of advice. And things started to progress!

Ever since I started my coaching company Life By Design 7 years ago, I knew the one thing I'm here to do is to assist you. I will show you how, but the doing has to be done by you. When people come in and ask me “Does this work really work?”

I say “It works if you work at it.”

My children know now that mom will teach us patiently but she will not do it for us. To me that is the biggest gift I’ve given my kids, my staff, my clients, and anyone who reaches out.

Take a moment to think of a person whom you can guide/mentor. Pick up the phone and return their call. A very successful friend of mine told me how mentoring others was so rewarding for him because he gets to learn so much more.

As for me, it’s almost like God sends me the clients with the same issues that I need to resolve in my life. As I talk to them, so many times I'm talking to myself!

Who are you going to assist today?

Commit to guiding one person a day for the next 30 days and trust me, this one action will transform our world, and moreover your life. Because you will go out thinking you're going to help others, but deep down you already understand that who you will help most is yourself!

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Thanks for this wonderful piece dear :))) so True & I have also started learning asking for help is one of the most powerful thing to do ..... I have always helped a lot of people who came in my path (thankfully) but taking help was a new thing & once you see that, you are open to receiving the love & care from people around ! So asking & receiving help kind of go hand in hand as long as one’s expectations dont go soaring high for the person in front of you as that’s It becomes frustrating & leads to a negative cycle. Thanks once again for your lovely wise words ✨!

Me gusta
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